Editorial design
Today, editorial design is one of most important elements of communication design. This not only include layouts for printed media but is a necessary part of online media and brand identity. I am able to deliver a wide variety of products and solutions according to customer needs, ranging from on screen applications to printed products.

In 2014, newspaper DIE WELT and TV channel N24 merged to become WeltN24 GmbH, part of the Axel Springer SE media house. With the internal change process underway, it was necessary to develop a new, shared identity to introduce the WELT brand to the world. We created a new design for both printed and digital media.

The De Gruyter publishing house relies on a longstanding tradition. It has promoted science and published standard works for all areas of humanities and natural sciences. Our task was to develop a concept typography design for De Gruyter’s signature style that would be used throughout their entire published works/publishing programme.

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Thousands of Bosch power tool accessories are displayed in the Bosch product catalogue. This catalogue focuses on product features and functionalities. The main goal of the new book concept was to simplify product search for customers and create a template that will be used by the Bosch design team to make their complex task easier.