Illustrations and icons are used everywhere today in print and digital media. My illustrations and icons are created using typeface knowledge and designed to requirement, whether it be detailed illustrations for large size applications or simplified icons for small size applications.

Over a five year period I developed numerous machine illustrations for Bosch | Power Tools & Accessories. All manufactured power tools, from drilling machines to grinding machines, were illustrated in a simple style, that allowed customers to understand the features and function of these different machines.

Image Name
Image Name

Faraday Future is one of the most innovative and futuristic electric automobile companies around. My task was to design all possible icons for the car UI and screen applications. The car is not equipped with any physical buttons. All possible functions are displayed on the screens within the car. We decided to create responsive, pixel perfect, geometric, and yet modern icons that fit the company’s car concept.

Helios group is one of the largest suppliers of residential and ambulant patient care in Europe. To help establish a fresh clean and friendly brand identity I created a new pictogram concept and design. At last we made online guidelines to explain the design concept and design.

Here are some icons of HUK 24.